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About Acclaim

Employ the power of achievements with Acclaim.

Acclaim has one goal: help individuals move forward professionally.

We accomplish this by partnering with respected brands to promote individuals’ skills and achievements through badging. A badge is a standardized way of digitally representing outcomes in a verified manner.

Badges issued through Acclaim communicate who did something, who says they did it, and why employers should care about what was done.

We enable the managing, sharing and validation of achievements that have resume potential.

Acclaim is a product of Credly, the world’s leading digital credential service provider, and we diligently provide information that’s trustworthy, accurate and valuable. Badge content is strictly controlled by badge issuers, not badge earners.

Through Acclaim

  • Job seekers tell the full story of their professional lives with verifiable information.
  • Employers easily evaluate and validate the qualifications of job applicants.
  • Credentialing bodies, academic institutions and professional organizations ensure their program’s integrity online.

The level of oversight and transparency Acclaim provides for professionals, employers and badge issuers creates a win, all around.