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Robert Andrews

Rochester, Minnesota

High Performance Computing & Data Analytics Sales v1
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High Performance Computing & Data Analytics Sales v1

This badge earner has a foundational understanding of the HPC/HPDA offerings that allow them to initiate an HPC/HPDA sales conversation with a client.

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Robert D. Andrews

Issued On

15 Aug 2017


What it takes to earn this badge

  • Must be an IBM employee or an IBM Business Partner Employee.
  • Completion of 8 learning modules and a completion test.  (Study time is approximately 5 hours plus time to complete the test).  Topics covered are as follows:
  • HPC overview, trends & strategy,
  • PowerAI,
  • HPC Storage,
  • Cluster software,
  • Competition, and
  • Lab Services and how to get help with your HPC opportunities.
  • Note:  this badge is no longer available.  Please check the link below for other badges offered by this badge issuer.
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