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Oussama Ben Khiroun

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Through self-paced learning, this badge earner has displayed an understanding of topics such as Object- Oriented programming, the Java platform, Java syntax, strings and operators, conditional operators, controls statements, loops, and Java frameworks.

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29 Sep 2018


What it takes to earn this badge

  • Please note that this badge is only accessible to registered members of IBM Digital - Nation.
  • Completed Unit - Java language overview: Java platform components.
  • Completed Unit - OOP concepts and principles: Java objects overview; Example (A person object); State and string; Principles of OOP.
  • Completed Unit - Getting started with the Java Language: Reserved words; Structure of a Java class; Packaging classes; Import statements; Class declaration; Variables and methods; Constructor methods; Other methods; Adding behavior to a Java class; Variables (exercise); Values (exercise).
  • Completed Unit - Strings and operators: Strings; Conversion between integer and string; Operators; Strings and operators (exercise).
  • Completed Unit - Conditional operators and control statements: Relational and conditional operators; The if statement; Variable scope; The else statement; The ternary operator; Conditional operators (exercise).
  • Completed Unit - Loops: What is a loop?; The construct of for loops; The syntax of while loops; The construct of do…while loops; Loop termination; Loop continuation; Loops (exercise).
  • Completed Unit - The Java collections framework (I): Arrays; Multi-dimensional arrays; Boxing and unboxing; Arrays (exercise).
  • Completed Unit - The Java collections framework (II): Lists; Formal type; Using lists; Iterable; Sets; Maps.
  • Completed Unit - Exceptions: Exception handling; The try, Catch, and finally blocks; Exception hierarchy; The try-with-resources statement.
  • Completed Unit - Writing good Java code: Best coding practices; Keep classes small; Name methods carefully; Keep methods small; Use comments; Use a consistent style; Use built-in logging.
  • Successfully completed the quiz with a score of 80% or more.
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