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Govind Kaigala

Master Inventor
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Master Inventor

The Master inventor badge is given to employees who have mastered the patent process, mentored broadly, added value to IBM's portfolio and demonstrated sustained innovation leadership and service. Every year, Master inventors are selected by IBM and will be awarded this badge for their contributions. This badge is available to IBM employees only.

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Issued To

Govind Kaigala

Issued On

22 Oct 2018

Expires On

01 Jan 2022


What it takes to earn this badge

  • The criteria for Master Inventor varies between IBM Divisions, due to the varying nature of business needs of each division; however, nominees to the Master Inventor program must have contributed to IBM patent process through invention participation and least two of the remaining three areas:
  • Demonstrate mastery of the process through active invention participation with a significant number of patent filed and issued with the USPTO
  • Leverage their mastery of patent knowledge as a role model by:  Mentoring new inventors who have ideas, but who are unfamiliar with the process; Helping educate inexperienced inventors in understanding the IP process and how to effectively document and submit inventions; Pro-actively arranging and leading patent mining sessions; Being a catalyst for innovation and invention
  • Actively contribute in the IP creation process by participation in Invention Development Teams (IDTs) and identification of technology areas and projects that are strategic for IBM’s patent portfolio
  • Serve as a resource for IP Law in areas of patent prosecution & patent licensing
  • Identify themselves as an IBM Master Inventor when working with clients and external organizations to serve as a: reminder of our innovation heritage; conversation starter on IBM’s innovation practices
  • Be nominated a Master Inventor by the Business Unit and the IBM Patent & Invention Program
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