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Michael White

Hyde Park, New York

IBM Systems Manufacturing Lean Bronze Practitioner Badge
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IBM Systems Manufacturing Lean Bronze Practitioner Badge

This badge confirms that the participant can apply Lean Manufacturing methods with a comprehensive vision that supports the fulfillment of strategic objectives of manufacturing within their location. The manufacturing employee will know the fundamentals, concepts and applications of lean manufacturing. The manufacturing employee will be able to demonstrate knowledge of applying Lean tools and can effectively discuss the values, principles and practices related to Lean with both peers and leaders

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Michael White

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09 Aug 2018


What it takes to earn this badge

  • Must be an employee of IBM
  • Completed the LEAN Face to Face  Bronze Training and was certified in Lean Bronze
  • OR
  • Completed online training for using Lean Tools and completed the end of course assessment. Found a mentor at your site and worked with them to create a project for presentation.
  • Applied skills to real business challenges to return business value: (1) Began Lean improvement project activities within 3 months of completing training, and completed Lean improvement project within 15 months of passing the certification exam; (2) You worked in teams of 2 to complete a Lean project
  • Applied Lean tools on a process that embodies elimination of wastes from the process.
  • Demonstrated the candidate's application of  at least THREE lean tools and at least ONE lean technique through projects, Kaizens or CI events.
  • Demonstrated the application of  the Smart Lean 8 STEP methodology through  at least ONE project, Kaizen or CI event
  • Manager has reviewed your project and education and submits that you are a candidate for the "Lean Bronze Practitioner" Badge.
  • Apply for this badge - please see instructions on the link below (available to IBMers only)
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