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Glen Brumbaugh

Annapolis, Maryland

IBM Digital Badge Program - One Millionth Badge Recognition
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IBM Digital Badge Program - One Millionth Badge Recognition

This badge earner is one in a million! The IBM Digital Badge Program has issued an astonishing 1 Million badges since launching the award-winning program - and the holder of this special badge has the honor of being recognized by IBM as the recipient of our one millionth badge issued since the program was launched in 2016. IBM thanks this badge earner and all IBM digital badge earners for investing in their skill development, which is essential for IBM’s growth and success of our clients.

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Glen Brumbaugh

Issued On

06 Jul 2018


What it takes to earn this badge

  • Continuous commitment to life-long learning and investing in IBM learning activities with the goal of being essential to IBM's customers.
  • Be lucky enough to have completed an IBM badged learning activity resulting in IBM's one millionth badge issued!
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