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Evan Ricard

Bay City, Michigan

Unity Certified 3D Artist
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Unity Certified 3D Artist

Earners of the Unity Certified 3D Artist badge are entry-level 3D Artists who bring visual assets into Unity to populate the “world” of the game or application to execute a key part of the creative vision for the project. Entry-level artists are 3D generalists who contribute to a broad range of tasks in service of the application’s aesthetics, including applying materials and shaders to 3D models, setting up and managing 3D environments, configuring and controlling cameras, and lighting scenes.

Issued By

Unity Technologies

Issued To

Evan Ricard

Issued On

20 Aug 2018

Expires On

20 Aug 2020


What it takes to earn this badge

  • Practical experience in implementing 3D art and environments for video games or other real-time 3D applications built with Unity
  • Experience in the full software development lifecycle working from early concept through completion and experience prototyping 3D environments and application UI
  • Must pass the Unity 3d Artist Certification exam
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