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Amy Kucharik

Sun Prairie, Wisconsin

Website Project Development Course (v.01)
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Website Project Development Course (v.01)

Whether you're building a website for an employer or a small business, you need to know how to leverage your basic skills to complete the project. In this capstone course of the non-credit Basic Web Certificate, learn how to plan and produce a website to satisfy client needs and expectations. Key skills covered: Site planning, file structure, navigation, look and feel, and interpreting client needs.

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Amy Kucharik

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13 Dec 2017


What it takes to earn this badge

  • Accurately interpret client needs and objectives by asking the right questions to tease out what matters.
  • When working with a client, gather the correct content requirements to know which types of content will connect users to the client's business needs
  • Design the information architecture to facilitate intuitive access to content
  • Design the content to be structured to communicate what matters to the business purpose as user expectations
  • Implement visual style - graphical treatment of text, imagery, navigation, visual cues
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