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Jeffrey Biegel

Saugerties, New York

Data Science Profession Certification - Level 1 Experienced
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Data Science Profession Certification - Level 1 Experienced

An IBM Experienced Data Scientist is able to leverage existing data sources, and create new ones in order to extract meaningful information. This badge holder has an understanding of the client’s business and can translate complex quantitative analysis into compelling actionable business insights. At Experienced Level, they apply their skills and competencies to provide value to clients.

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Jeff Biegel

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10 Sep 2018


What it takes to earn this badge

  • Must be an IBM employee.
  • Achieved Data Scientist Certification by the profession Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) that he/she is able to characterize the business problem in the context of statistical analysis using mathematical formulas that identify high value business insights.
  • Developed and maintained skills and knowledge in Data Science technology, trends, and techniques that are relevant to developing solutions for solving business problems. Applied analytic techniques for turning functional requirements into a workable solution.
  • Translated complex quantitative analysis into compelling and easily understandable and actionable business insights through visualization and other appropriate techniques.
  • Enhanced and maintained  IBM's technical vitality through giveback such as teaching, speaking at events, development of Intellectual capital and assets, publications, technical presentations and voluntary work for the Profession.
  • Demonstrated an understanding of multiple modeling techniques such as regression, simulation, machine learning, etc. and used two or more techniques in at least one of the two required projects.
  • Completed formal training in the discipline of data science (such as statistics, operations research, machine learning, or econometrics) either through attendance at a taught course, or through self-study.
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