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Ana Maria Viteri

Pewaukee, Wisconsin

HCI: Interpreting Skills 2 (v.01)
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HCI: Interpreting Skills 2 (v.01)

This course is designed to build on the skills new interpreters have acquired in Interpreting Skills 1.  Emphasis will be placed on learning how to intervene and clarify appropriately, acquiring more advanced medical vocabulary in both English and the target language, and learning how to manage the flow of conversation when difficulties arise in the encounter. Participants will work extensively in small groups practicing with dialogues based on real-life medical encounters.

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Madison College

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Maria Viteri Ana

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21 Dec 2018


What it takes to earn this badge

  • Sharpen consecutive interpreting skills through role play practice utilizing different medical specialties.
  • Small group interactions to learn the order and function of the digestive system components.
  • Analyze personal and community attitudes toward reproductive health and STIs and how that might have an impact on the interpreted encounter.
  • Learn about short and long-term memory and how it impacts the interpreter's performance
  • Role play practice in groups and with instructor to develop strategies for dealing with difficult situations and/or bad news.
  • Understand the concept of advocacy in the healthcare interpreting environment
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