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Oussama Ben Khiroun

Natural Language Processing
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Natural Language Processing

Through self-paced learning, this badge earner has displayed an understanding of topics such as defining what NLP is, NLP History, applications and use cases of NLP, relationship between AI and NLP, NLP tools and services, and NLP pipeline.

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29 Sep 2018


What it takes to earn this badge

  • Please note that this badge is only accessible to registered members of IBM Digital - Nation.
  • Completed Unit - Introduction to natural language processing: What is NLP?; Various NLP applications; Challenges in NLP; Tools and services; Use cases.
  • Completed Unit - NLP Pipeline and Concepts: Components; NLP pipeline; Information retrieval;  Information extraction.
  • Completed Unit - Evaluation Metrics: Introduction (Accuracy, Precision, Recall, and F-Score).
  • Completed Unit - NLP and IBM Watson: Introduction; NLC walkthrough; Information extraction by using Watson services; NLU walkthrough; Watson Discovery service; Watson Tone Analyzer walkthrough.
  • Completed Exercise - Ingest, Convert, Enrich and Query with Watson Discovery Service.
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