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Chuck Cooper

Longmont, Colorado

ITCC Board of Directors Member Emeritus
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ITCC Board of Directors Member Emeritus

Individuals that earn the ITCC Board of Directors Member Emeritus badge have awarded this badge in recognition of being a founding member of the organization.  They have been elected based on their leadership within the organization and for having demonstrated their eagerness to advance the collective value of high stakes certification programs for the IT industry, employer, and test taker.

Issued To

Chuck Cooper

Issued On

01 Mar 2018


What it takes to earn this badge

  • This individual is recognized as a Founding Member of the ITCC and supporting programs and initiatives. 
  • This individual was assessed and confirmed to an elected position on the ITCC Board of Directors via a majority vote of ITCC members.
  • This individual is recognized by the ITCC membership as a person who strives to promote the highest levels of professionalism and business ethics and also supports industry-wide efforts aimed at improving the value and standards related to IT certifications. 
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