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Adam Carter-Groves

Unity Certified Expert Gameplay Programmer
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Unity Certified Expert Gameplay Programmer

Earners of the Unity Certified Expert Gameplay Programmer badge are highly technical and logically oriented professionals who implement assets created by Technical and General 3D Artists, and add their scripts to make the Game Design Document (GDD) come to life. They are responsible for implementing the assets, participating in designing the game, creating NPCs, game mechanics, implementing the user interface, and populating the game.

Issued By

Unity Technologies

Issued To

Adam Carter-Groves

Issued On

12 May 2017

Expires On

13 May 2019


What it takes to earn this badge

  • Experience in video game development studio, with at least two shipped titles.
  • Must have experience designing immersive games and scripting/programming using C#
  • Must pass the Unity Gameplay Programmer Expert Certification exam
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