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Kevin Jeon

IBM Selling Profession Certification - Level II
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IBM Selling Profession Certification - Level II

IBM Certified Sellers at Level II are expert professionals who understand client needs. They co-create value-driven, evidence-based innovative solutions for clients, using their comprehensive knowledge of industry, business, and technology, in combination with their insights about how IBM capabilities will solve problems and develop growth opportunities. They are committed and passionate about their client’s success and are recognized as expert-level trusted advisors.

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19 Sep 2014

Expires On

31 Jul 2019


What it takes to earn this badge

  • This badge is available to IBM employees only.
  • Successfully completed the required Seller education programs at the Expert level
  • Demonstrated sustained high levels of client satisfaction and sales performance
  • Demonstrated evidence of all level-specific Selling Capabilities, assessed by the employee's Manager, through a defined validation process
  • Successfully demonstrates proficient, effective use of IBM Sales Processes and Tools
  • Continuously acquire and develop contemporary business essential skills through on-going education and self-study resulting, as demonstrated by Expertise Manager ratings
  • Has built a strong reputation and demonstrated  passion and commitment to the client, as demonstrated by Client Experience and Client Advocacy metrics
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