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Glen Brumbaugh

Annapolis, Maryland

IBM Cloud Garage Architect Bootcamp
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IBM Cloud Garage Architect Bootcamp

The badge earner has demonstrated the ability to explain the architecture and business drivers for cloud-native applications, and can articulate use cases for Cloud Foundry, container orchestration with Kubernetes, serverless functions with Open Whisk, service mesh with Istio, and IBM Cloud Data Services. The individual can design cloud-native applications with a microservices architecture leveraging IBM's reference architectures and practices for building apps on the cloud.

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Glen Brumbaugh

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05 May 2018


What it takes to earn this badge

  • Complete the Bootcamp prerequisites.
  • Successfully complete the one week IBM Cloud Garage Architect Bootcamp.
  • Successful completion of in-class skill assessments.
  • Note:  Please contact for more information regarding the face to face Bootcamp prereqs, agenda and availability.
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