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5G Mastery Certification

Earners of the 5G Mastery Certification have participated in twenty-five 5G Power Skills workshops. These workshops represent the top 25 interpersonal skills that industry is citing as a critical need in the workforce today.  Each workshop is a facilitated discussion. Adults learn best from other adults and 5G is a dynamic collaborative learning environment using large and small group discussion and exercise with focus on how to bring these skills into daily use in their professional lives.

Alpha UMi
This badge is issued by Alpha UMi


What it takes to earn this badge

  • Attend all 25 5G Power Skills Workshops, Address diversity by understanding how differing world view impact relationships, Develop personal brand, Investigate the power of diversity in teamwork, Discuss the importance of ethical behavior in the workplace and the consequences of unethical behavior, Consider impact of mindset on long term outcomes, both personally and organizationally, Examine emotional intelligence and understand personal strengths and weaknesses
  • Explore current best practices in verbal, written, and non-verbal communication and understand how to best employ each in different situations, Understand the importance of mentoring to long term career growth, Establish appropriate etiquette in today’s workplace including the use of personal technology in group environments, Practice conflict resolution best approaches and understand how to deal with conflict in the work environment
  • Promote resilience and adaptability and understand how it improves personal and professional outcomes, Develop effective boundary and time management skills, Define the characteristics of good leadership, Reflect on how the cumulative set of Power Skills ultimately benefits customer experience
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