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Anne Arundel Community College

Casino Blackjack

The Casino Blackjack Badge is issued to students who successfully complete the 80 hour course entitled Casino Blackjack Dealer (COO-370) at the Anne Arundel Community College Dealer School. In order to earn this badge, students must demonstrate proficiency in terms of card handling, cheque handling, payouts, and customer service.

Anne Arundel Community College
This badge is issued by Anne Arundel Community College


What it takes to earn this badge


Card Handling Demonstrate the ability to efficiently spread 52 cards; Shuffle eight decks of cards in under two minutes; Consistently apply proper game protection skills; Demonstrate the ability to properly “load" a six deck shoe
Cheque Handling Demonstrate knowledge of the “cutting” and “plucking”; Apply appropriate cheque cutting and change procedures; Accurately "run down" 20 cheques in less than 10 seconds; Apply excellent table float management skills
Blackjack Payouts Calculate accurate payouts for splits and double downs; Accurately pay each bonus bet in under 30 seconds; Calculate insurance maximum in under 10 seconds; Accurately "break down" bets and pay correct amounts
Blackjack Customer Service Entertain and engage up to six guests at one time; Apply excellent customer service skills; Demonstrate communication through clear hand signals; Efficiently deal a shoe of six decks in less than 10 minutes