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APMG International

Change Analyst

Badge holders are able to explain the purpose and value of change management within different types and sizes of organization. They can identify basic concepts of good personal communications, common challenges and techniques that can be used to enhance the change management process. They understand and can explain how change management controls and maintains quality, as well as define the main interfaces between the change analyst and other process areas within IT service management.

APMG International
This badge is issued by APMG International


What it takes to earn this badge

  • Badge holders have passed a complex multiple choice exam, scoring a minimum of 13 out of 20 marks available (65%). The exam is 60 minutes in duration (Scenario Booklet used during examination).
  • Badge holders have completed the Workbook during the course which demonstrates the practical application of the theory
  • Badge holders have attended an accredited Change Analyst training course
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