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Certara Certified Population PK/PD Pharmacometrician (Level 1) using Phoenix NLME 8.0 and 8.1

A Certara Certified Level 1 Pharmacometrician has passed a rigorous exam to demonstrate competence in the analysis of continuous responses using Population PK/PD methodology. This exam included assessment on the use Phoenix NLME version 8.0 and 8.1. A Level 1 Pharmacometrician has the ability to prepare Pop. PK/PD data, perform EDA, determine initial estimates, build and evaluate Population PK/PD models including covariates, and report results for typical population PK/PD studies.

This badge is issued by Certara


What it takes to earn this badge

  • Earning a Level 1 pharmacometrician Certara Professional Certification requires completion of a rigorous online accreditation exam with a passing score of 75% using Phoenix NLME 8.0/8.1.  The exam consists of 80 to 90 questions covering theoretical knowledge of population PK/PD methodology and software proficiency by performing tests related to population PK/PD analysis, data preparation, EDA, building and assessing models, reporting, and simulation for typical population PK/PD studies.
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(101-CL or 101-OD) Introduction to Population Modeling Methodology using Phoenix NLME or equivalent experience Certified candidates know fundamentals of population modeling theory and practices including: Non-linear mixed effects modeling algorithms; Modeling approaches; Model building; Assessment of goodness of fit; Covariate analysis; Predictive performance and bootstrapping; Hands-on modeling of population PK and PK/PD data