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Ericsson Certified Expert - Evolved Packet Core

Earners of this certification have advanced theoretical and practical/operational in-depth knowledge of all relevant Ericsson nodes from the Evolved Packet Core area, in a telecommunications network environment, such as Serving GPRS Support Node/Mobility Management Entity (SGSN-MME), Evolved Packet Gateway (EPG) and Policy and Charging Control (SAPC) nodes. All badges are subject to change or revocation. If no expiration date appears below, this badge does not expire.

This badge is issued by Ericsson


  • Architecture
  • Configure And Troubleshoot EPG SAPC And SASN
  • Deployment
  • EPG SAPC And SASN Roles In The Network
  • Features And Functions
  • Interfaces And Protocols
  • Operation And Management
  • SAPC Installation And Upgrade

What it takes to earn this badge