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Ericsson Certified Professional - LTE RAN Solution

Earners of this certification have advanced knowledge of the LTE RAN technology area and the practical implications of using the Ericsson products for network design, deployment and dimensioning of LTE RAN. All badges and related certifications are subject to change or revocation at the discretion of the ETCP Program. If no expiration date appears below, this badge does not expire.

This badge is issued by Ericsson


  • Advanced LTE Concepts
  • Coverage And Capacity
  • Dimensioning
  • LTE Concepts
  • LTE RAN Deployment
  • LTE RAN Dimensioning
  • LTE RAN Technologies
  • LTE RAN Traffic Management
  • LTE Ran Solutions
  • LTE Telephony Services
  • Radio Access Networks Solutions

What it takes to earn this badge