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Decision Making

This badge indicates a learner’s completion of the Decision Making topic. Learners who have earned this badge have learned to make a decision by defining their objectives, reviewing several decision-making approaches, and then selecting the most appropriate for the situation at hand. They understand and surmount common decision challenges, including cognitive biases and unproductive group dynamics. They also implement tactics for generating, and evaluating, alternative courses of action.

Harvard Business Publishing
This badge is issued by Harvard Business Publishing


  • Cognitive Biases
  • Decision Making
  • Group Dynamics
  • Prioritization
  • Setting Objectives

What it takes to earn this badge

  • The learner has completed all lessons and exercises within the Harvard ManageMentor Decision Making topic and passed the topic’s assessment. They have demonstrated their ability to:
  • Create the right context and identify objectives for the decision they are making
  • Avoid common decision-making challenges
  • Generate and evaluate alternatives for a decision
  • Bring the process to closure and make a final decision
  • Communicate and implement the decision
  • Available to learners from select Harvard Business Publishing client organizations