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Advisory Product Services Professional

The badge holder demonstrates commitment to develop positive relationships with clients to achieve a high level of customer satisfaction. They have applied IBM's technology support strategy. They have effectively led small technical projects with minimal supervision, providing knowledge and technical skills to help the team complete its work. The badge holder is recognized by team members as a subject matter expert in a few areas of expertise. (This badge is only available for IBM employees.)

This badge is issued by IBM


What it takes to earn this badge

  • Client relationship management: Take responsibility in specific areas in the relationship with client management and internal or external technical leaders. Work closely with various customers and build trust by using technical expertise to satisfy their requirements.
  • Communication: Match communication mode and style to situation and audience, and use available communication tools effectively. Communicate technical expertise through documentation and presentations to small or medium groups. Communicate effectively to groups of 5 to 10 people and give presentations to clients and IBM managers. Provide examples of error-free documentation, such as written reports on delivered technical support services.
  • Problem Solving: Clearly identify the problem, collect data such as subject matter experts' opinions, facts, evidence, and past experience, and factor them into a recommendation or conclusion. Analyze client problems using available methodologies to identify a failing component, product, or support process. Use appropriate questioning techniques with clients to identify the nature and source of problems.
  • Team Leadership: Help develop and implement technical solutions. Show your ability to influence a team for portions of the solution development or implementation. Teams can be made up of clients, IBM Business Partners, or IBM employees.
  • Technical leadership: Lead teams with the support of a more experienced technical leader or project manager. Participate in technical groups to share knowledge.
  • PS Profession Specialization: Provide required evidence for one of the four recognized PS Specializations (Account Advocacy, Hardware Support,  Service & Product Planning and Software Support).
  • Giveback: This individual has enhanced and maintained IBM's technical vitality through mentoring others and other forms of give back including the development of IBM's Intellectual Capital, enablement assets, publications, technical presentations and special chair assignments like assignments to technical laboratory or being part of Women in Technology.
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