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Architect Profession Certification - Level 1 Experienced

An IBM Associate Certified Architect is responsible for defining the structures of solutions and architectures to address client business problems. They must understand client needs, apply industry knowledge and leverage appropriate business elements & information technology to address those needs. They must present alternative solutions to meet the needs identified. At Experienced Level, they work independently to apply their skills and competencies to provide value to clients.

This badge is issued by IBM


What it takes to earn this badge

  • This individual achieved Associate Certification by the profession Subject Matter Experts (SME)s that he/she is able to integrate multiple elements of either business or IT architecture successfully in order to to develop correct and complete solutions to meet the client’s identified business problems.
  • This individual selected and used a range of architectural tools, methods and modelling techniques to identify the client’s requirements and design an appropriate solution. They applied architectural thinking to leverage new opportunities for existing technologies and created assets that could be leveraged or reused.  They communicated the architectural decisions in support of their recommended design and developed architectures that could be validated to meet the business requirement.
  • This individual has taken the mandatory education classes in Architectural Thinking and IBM Method.
  • This individual has enhanced and maintained  IBM's technical vitality through some form of giveback such as mentoring, the development of IC/IP, enablement assets, publications, technical presentations and voluntary work on Certification Review Boards.
  • Note: IBM Architect Certification is only available to IBM employees.
  • The additional information link is only accessible by IBM employees.
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