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Big Data Developer - Explorer Award for Students 2016

Through a faculty-led student education, this badge earner has demonstrated the ability to use a Big Data platform and data governance concepts to efficiently store and manage extremely large amounts of data, using IBM BigInsights. This individual has demonstrated an understanding of topics such as Hadoop, Map Reduce, HBase, Big SQL, and BigSheets, in order to capture, store, and analyze structured and unstructured data.

This badge is issued by IBM


What it takes to earn this badge

  • Must be a student of the IBM Skills Academy with no prior professional experience.
  • Completion of Module I - Data Management Overview: Covering Date overview, Industry Applications, Case Studies; Understanding Big Data.
  • Completion of Module II - Big Data Foundations: Covering Hadoop Architecture and Administration; Big Data Platform and data governance.
  • Completion of Module III - Big Data Developer: Covering Big Data Architecture; Storing and processing data with Hadoop; Creating data using HDFS and GPFS; Data distribution and storage with MapReduce; Hadroop Query Language (Pig, Hive, Jaql); Distributed storage system with Hbase and NoSQL; Queries using BigSQL; BigSheets analytics tools; Analyze structured and unstructured data with text analytics; Application Development Lifecycle.
  • Passing the Big Data Developer academic practice test.
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