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Business Intelligence Analyst - Author Award for Professionals 2016

The badge earner has significantly contributed to the authoring of courseware: labs, exams, quizzes, virtual machines, etc. The course objective is to teach students how to consolidate data gathered from several sources, & run queries catered to build business reports, using IBM Cognos Reports Studio. The author has developed assets that teach students topics such as crosstabs, filters, charts, queries, models, dynamic & web reports, structured & unstructured data, in order to author reports.

This badge is issued by IBM


What it takes to earn this badge

  • Expected to be either an IBM Customer or Business Partner attending the IBM Skills Academy, or a nominated Information Technology professional working for IBM.
  • Subject Matter Expertise of topics in Module I - Analytics Overview: Covering Business Analytics Overview, Trends, Case Studies; Understanding Business Intelligence and Analytics.
  • Subject Matter Expertise of topics in Module II - Business Analytics Foundations: Covering Business Intelligence Overview; Reports and Metadata models.
  • Subject Matter Expertise of topics in Module III - Business Intelligence Analyst: Covering Introduction of Reporting Application; List Reports and Crosstab Reports; Advanced data filter; Data graphics (charts, numerals, visualization); Parameters and prompts; Query models and relationships (using SQL); Advanced dynamic reports; Data sorting using effective prompts; Report distribution through Bursting; Data user interaction with HTML; Structured and unstructured data.
  • The above expertise must be demonstrated by holding a professional certification and/or have 5 years of experience in the application development or a relevant field.
  • Validated contribution to the development of assets of the course components by the world wide IBM education program leader.
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