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Business Process Developer - Instructor Award for Educators 2016

This badge earner has delivered the program course on how to create business objects and variables, use gateways, process flows, and customize user interfaces (coaches), using IBM BPM.  This individual has been able to teach an understanding of topics such as organizing process assets into toolkits, managing variables & data flow, building a business data model, and building services & user input forms.

This badge is issued by IBM


What it takes to earn this badge

  • Must be a faculty member of a Higher Education Institution which has or is implementing the IBM Skills Academy Program.
  • Teaching of Module I - Business Process Overview: Covering Business Process Overview, Trends, Case Studies;  and Understanding the Business Process.
  • Teaching of Module II – Business Process Analyst Foundations: Covering Business Process Management (BPM) building blocks, organization and process; The BPM lifecycle and components; BPM essentials and value proposition; BPM strategies; and  IBM Business Process Manager features and components.
  • Teaching of Module III - Business Process Developer: Covering Cloud Service models (IaaS, PaaS, SaaS); Bluemix applications; Building applications using Node.js, Eclipse, Cloud Foundry and DevOp Services; REST architecture, JSON and Functional security; Data Services in Bluemix; Server side JavaScript; Web Application framework; Liberty profile (administer, deploy and monitor applications).
  • Delivering training to minimum 15 university students
  • Have at least 60% of total students pass the final test.
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