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Certified Client Experience Manager

The badge holder demonstrates the ability to establish effective governance systems that promote high quality account activities to meet or exceed services, solution commitments and base account growth.

This badge is issued by IBM


What it takes to earn this badge

  • Ensure accuracy and predictability of account portfolio forecasts, and provide reliable and concise insight into financial measurements for a portfolio of accounts. Minimize financial surprises for the client and IBM.
  • Ensure Project Executive and/ or Delivery Project Executive (account leadership team) staff has sufficient knowledge of Business Controls and Security Compliance so that they maintain audit readiness.
  • Drive base growth in a portfolio of accounts in collaboration with cross lines of business partners and sales organizations within the company, and lead growth opportunities that develop a broader portfolio of services, hardware, and software. 
  • Utilize market intelligence and consulting methods to sign new business. Support negotiations on new opportunities, resolution of business critical issues, contract addendums, and service scope changes. 
  • Support and instruct Project Executive and/or Delivery Project Executive staff to establish effective account governance systems that promote high quality account activities to meet or exceed services and solution commitments.
  • Lead Project Executive/Delivery Project Executive staff to properly manage their Account Service Level Commitments to ensure client satisfaction and avoid paid penalties. Utilize client satisfaction feedback to improve service quality and promote client advocacy.
  • This badge is only available to IBM Employees
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