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Certified Sales Analyst

The badge holder demonstrates mastery of analytical tools, combined with lateral thinking, to form and communicate a unique and valuable point of view. This individual is autonomous, able to make prescriptive analytics and to drive business on top of being recognized by the community as an expert.

This badge is issued by IBM


What it takes to earn this badge

  • Must be an employee of IBM
  • Complete the mandatory training modules: Data Prep & Analytics, Connecting the Dots, and Insights from Analysis - totaling 13 hours of training, including quizzes and submission of analysis.
  • Apply for the badge - pass a 10 questions multiple choice test + submit analysis of 4-5 case studies for SME revision.
  • Nominated by Sales Management Support leaders to participate in the Tier III certification path.
  • The below link is only accessible by IBM employees participating in the program. For questions related to this badge, please contact Anshu Malhotra1/India/IBM.
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