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Cloud Application Developer 2018 - Author Award for Educators

The badge earner has developed and published a university course to educate students on how to build, run, deploy, and develop applications on a cloud development platform, using IBM Cloud. The course will teach students topics such as Cloud Computing, DevOps, REST Architecture, Watson APIs, Mobile App Development on IBM Cloud, Kinetise, Push Notification, Node.js, Express Framework, and React.

This badge is issued by IBM


What it takes to earn this badge

  • Must be a faculty member of a Higher Education Institution which has or is implementing the IBM Skills Academy Program.
  • Completion of Module I - Cloud Application Foundations: Introduction to HTML5 and JavaScript programming.
  • Completion of Module II - Cloud Application Developer: Introduction to cloud computing and IBM Cloud; Developing IBM Cloud applications with Eclipse; Using IBM Cloud DevOps services; REST architecture and Watson APIs; IBM Cloud DevOps services; IBM Cloud MBaaS; Cloud Foundry CLI; IBM Cloudant; Building a mobile app with Kinetise; Server-side JavaScript; Asynchronous I/O with callback; Hello World Node.js app; Express application; Building a rich UI app with React.
  • Publishing the university course in the university collaboration space.
  • Submitting curriculum for the Faculty Rewards proposal.
  • Obtaining the Faculty Rewards International Curriculum review board's approval.
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