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Experienced Product Services Professional

The badge holder demonstrates commitment to exercise accountability for full client satisfaction in complex problem resolution. Broke down a large, complex problem into smaller, solvable problems. Leads small teams in supporting and delivering technical solutions and it is recognized as a subject matter expert inside and outside own country. Led teams in developing and implementing technical solutions working independently within projects. (This badge is only available for IBM employees).

This badge is issued by IBM


What it takes to earn this badge

  • Client relationship management: Regularly work with internal or external top technical leaders and client management. Lead a team by assigning team members with appropriate skills to solve various problems. Ensure that a professional IT solution is supported by all team members. Guide less experienced employees. Take responsibility for making decisions on methods and tools. Document your work to increase customer satisfaction.
  • Communication: Participate in difficult client communication. Prepare effective presentations or documentation for client and IBM internal use, and present them. Mentor less experienced peers. Participate in technical groups, such as forums and communities of practice, inside or outside IBM. Provide examples of your experience in negotiating with clients, holding discussions to convey the depth and breadth of IBM expertise, and building trust that IBM is acting in the client's best interest.
  • Problem Solving: Clearly identify the problem, logically and systematically analyze available data, and propose a solution. Ensure that the solution addresses the client problem and meets client needs while mitigating risks and costs incurred. Successfully implement solutions and deliver results on time. Apply past experience to address current challenges.
  • Team Leadership: Provide evidence to show your experience leading teams in supporting and delivering technical solutions. Show where you were responsible for leading a technical team and where your activities included contributing to the solution and having responsibility for technical team deliverables. Teams can be made up of clients, IBM Business Partners, or IBM employees.
  • Technical leadership: Lead a technical team, including contributing to technical solutions, coaching colleagues in technical matters, having responsibility for team deliverables, and tracking project deliverables. Use project management tools to monitor and track deliverables such as the scope of work, financial baseline, description of services and products, list of deliverables and conditions of satisfaction, client or subcontractor requirements and responsibilities, and completion criteria.
  • Versatility: Start building not only depth of knowledge but as well a more broader experience. Breath covers one or more differing experiences that build the foundation for becoming a generalist, keeping yourself up to date those selected topics and work on building a personal network. Depth covers the knowledge required for you chosen specialisation on a few relevant topics.
  • PS Profession Specialization: Provide required evidence for one of the four recognized PS Specializations (Account Advocacy, Hardware Support,  Service & Product Planning and Software Support).
  • Giveback: This individual has enhanced and maintained IBM's technical vitality through mentoring others and other forms of give back including the development of IBM's Intellectual Capital, enablement assets, publications, technical presentations and special chair assignments like assignments to technical laboratory or being part of Women in Technology.
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