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Expert Product Services Professional

The badge holder demonstrates commitment to represent IBM to clients on all Technology Support Services matters. They lead relationship management and solve different kinds of unfamiliar problems in both conventional and innovative ways, reviewing the options and recommending the solution that best addresses business and client needs. They lead teams in supporting and delivering technical solutions showing technical leadership and influence. This badge is only available for IBM employees.

This badge is issued by IBM


What it takes to earn this badge

  • Client relationship management: Regularly work and negotiate with internal or external top managers. Lead relationship management by representing IBM with clients, involving and informing all related parties as required, and handling difficult situations or expectations.
  • Communication Lead group discussions and critical communication with clients at various levels of management. Present, teach or provide expert advice on specific topics to any kind or size of group. Demonstrate experience in communicating with different cultures. Listen carefully to others and match the communication mode to the situation. Communicate effectively to large groups of people, including subject matter experts or executive client managers. Share and discuss on Social Medias.
  • Problem Solving: Apply sophisticated problem-solving techniques to challenges in and outside, your area of expertise, relying on data and client and expert insights. Critically review the options and recommend the solution that best addresses business and client needs. Follow through and verify that delivery meets client needs. Coach or mentor others in your area of expertise. Accelerate the problem resolution process and use captured knowledge to improve client services in various situations.
  • Team Leadership: Your examples should show your experience in leading teams in supporting and delivering technical solutions. Cite projects where you were responsible for leading a technical team, contributed to the solution, had responsibility for technical team deliverables, and coached others in their roles and tasks. Teams can be made up of clients, IBM Business Partners, or IBM employees.
  • Technical leadership: Participate in or lead technical communities and become a recognized subject matter expert. Act as a role model in applying the IBM Competencies. Use your experience in developing agreements, proposals, and contracts on client engagements or projects.
  • Versatility: Continue to build depth and broad experience throughout career. Breath covers a growing range of differing experiences, ability to see the bigger picture as a generalist, keeping yourself up to date on specific topics and build a wide personal network. Depth covers deep knowledge of a few relevant topics and being connected to the leading edge, internally and cross country connected and active practitioner in Community networks.
  • PS Profession Specialization: Provide required evidence for one of the four recognized PS Specializations (Account Advocacy, Hardware Support,  Service & Product Planning and Software Support).
  • Giveback: This individual has enhanced and maintained IBM's technical vitality through mentoring others and other forms of give back including the development of IBM's Intellectual Capital, enablement assets, publications, technical presentations and special chair assignments like assignments to technical laboratory or being part of Women in Technology.
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