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IBM Associate Project Manager

This badge holder is a Project Manager practitioner who normally works independently, takes the initiative, follows the work plan, checks progress against objectives, and reports any deviations. Seeks guidance on key issues as appropriate, and continues to develop expertise in the Project Management Profession. This badge is only available for IBM employees.

This badge is issued by IBM


What it takes to earn this badge

  • Achieved a Foundation level in Career Framework in the Managing Project and Programs capability
  • OR
  • Applied at least 2 years of project management experience and 1 year of technical/industry/business experience (excluding any overlap with PM Experience)
  • Managed at least 2 projects as a Project Manager or Team Leader, for at least 3 consecutive months
  • Completed Project Management mandatory education
  • Submitted skills and experience evidence, assessed by the employee's Manager through a defined validation process
  • The Additional Information link below is accessible by IBM employees only
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