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IBM Digital Change Guide

Able to advise and coach teams in the practice of Digital Change

This badge is issued by IBM


What it takes to earn this badge

  • Within their team they have created a tangible sense of pride in team members who have obtained a level of proficiency in Digital Change For example: Shared a video statement of commitment and fulfilled commitment
  • Created a sense of global community for knowledge and tool sharing.  For example: Publishes a blog/answers a question in the Digital Change global community
  • Supported an Envisioning or Co-Creation Studio event  Supported a  GBS account partner/Opportunity Owner to identify Digital Change opportunities
  • Identified opportunities to enhance client value by incorporating Digital Change in client proposals for work
  • Collaborated with people from other disciplines to develop a holistic solution including Digital Change for a client
  • Instilled a culture of innovation and ownership by contributing to the continuous improvement of Digital Change
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