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IBM Gold Consultant - 2017

IBM Gold Consultants are independent consultants recognized in the IT industry as possessing superior technical expertise, product knowledge, vast industry expertise, market knowledge and a strong digital presence.  Gold Consultants also enjoy unique relationships with IBM development, often engaging in two-way discussions to help shape future product direction.  IBM and The Gold Consultants align on strategy, priorities and initiatives to contribute to the collective benefit of IBM Clients.

This badge is issued by IBM


What it takes to earn this badge

  • To earn this badge, the individual must be nominated and selected as an IBM Gold Consultant.  Nomination criteria includes the following skill set:
  • Technical expertise on IBM products.
  • Ability to evangelize on behalf of IBM.
  • Demonstration of industry influence.
  • Ability to share knowledge and expertise by engaging in meaningful two-way discussions with IBM development teams (under Non Disclosure Agreement).
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