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IBM Profession Champion 2016

This badge holder is recognized for significant contribution to IBM Professions to guide IBM employees on the skills, experiences and training they need in order to advance their careers, and to enable them to provide value to their clients.  The professions require the engagement of individual contributors to stay viable and current.  The Profession Champion dedicated time beyond his or her primary responsibilities in order to help other IBM employees develop their careers

This badge is issued by IBM


What it takes to earn this badge

  • Must be an IBM employee
  • This individual provided significant contribution to his/her profession, of at least 10 hours in a calendar year, in one or more of the following ways:
  • Acted as a reviewer for profession validation processes including but not limited to evaluating certification candidates
  • Performed peer project reviews, quality reviews, or profession related reviews outside of their normal responsibilities
  • Performed as a profession approved Subject Matter Expert (SME) within his/her role and/or Business Unit validating the demonstrated expertise of others against specific criteria
  • Participated in process and requirement improvements for their profession
  • Delivered profession training and education in support of profession initiatives
  • Authored or served as a Subject Matter Expert (SME) for the creation and/or evaluation of profession training and education
  • Worked with their profession governance to establish strategic direction for profession activities
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