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IBM Storage Distributed Block v1

This badge earner has a foundational understanding of IBM Traditional Storage Distributed Block that allows them to initiate a Storage sales conversation with a client.

This badge is issued by IBM


What it takes to earn this badge

  • Must be an IBM Business Partner employee or an IBM employee.
  • Completion of a 56 question assessment test and receiving a passing grade of 75% or higher.
  • OPTIONAL - completion of the following modules in preparation for the assessment test:
  • - Introduction to IBM Spectrum Virtualize
  • Flashonomics, A Fresh Look at the Economics of Flash using TCONow!
  • IBM Storwize Family
  • IBM Storwize Whiteboard
  • Flash Market Opportunities
  • Driving FlashSystem Awareness
  • IBM Spectrum Accelerate Competitive Update
  • Qualifying IBM FlashSystem Deals and Use Cases
  • Introduction to Flash Competition
  • How to Successfully Sell IBM Spectrum Virtualize
  • Flash Everywhere Introduction
  • Spectrum Accelerate Family Overview
  • IBM Flash Portfolio Alignment by Workload
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