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IT Economics Consultant

This badge earner is able to perform detailed technical and financial analysis for clients to help them determine the most effective IT solution for their business. The analysis, or IT Economics study, assesses a number of factors based on the client's IT data and costs to produce a total cost of ownership and business value assessment. The findings enable the client to identify areas for improvement, increased productivity and cost savings.

This badge is issued by IBM


What it takes to earn this badge

  • Must be an IBM employee
  • Applied expertise using IT Economics team proprietary analysis tools (IT Economics team GHz tool, CRUNCH tool, estimators, etc.) as well as applied knowledge of other IBM and industry recognized tools (IBM SCON, third party COCOMO II, Gartner IDEAS International, Alinean tools, etc.) Deep understanding of total cost of ownership and business value assessment methodologies and financial models (TCO vs. TCA, ROI, IRR, Net Present Value, total savings, etc.).
  • Demonstrated ability to successfully deliver an IT Economics study (conduct an on-site workshop with a client, collect data, analyze client data and costs, develop assessment report, interlock with IBM account team and client contacts, provide read out to client, achieve consensus amongst stake holders on findings). Has shown ability to provide recommendations and insights that can help a client reduce IT spend and increase IT efficiencies.
  • Nomination by a CPO IT Economics Manager that the applicant has demonstrated the above expertise and abilities
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