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LearnQuest IBM Netezza Analytics for Data Scientists - Using R and NZSQL

This badge holder can navigate throughout the entire modeling cycle - from data prep through exploratory data analysis through to model scoring and deployment of an IBM Netezza Appliance. The student can leverage increasing massive data sets from model concept to deployment and In-Database Analytics fully scalable and parallelized in-database analytics package, understands Enterprise R that runs on Netezza as well as the Matrix Engine, a parallelized, linear algebra package.

This badge is issued by IBM


What it takes to earn this badge

  • Badge earners have achieved class objectives demonstrated by lab exercises, attendance, participation in Q&A and/or assessments associated with: how the Netezza architecture and parallel processing capabilities; data mining methods in the context of use cases to solve common business problems; new approaches to modeling and analysis; Invoke Netezza Analytics data mining methods & statistical functions using the R client or Netezza SQL (NZSQL); Convert existing R statistical modules/functions.
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