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LearnQuest IBM Process Modeling and Implementation with Business Process Manager (BPM)

This badge holder has demonstrated process modeling skills, project development methodology, implementation fundamentals, and delivery best practice patterns. The recipient has used the Process Designer to create a Business Process Definition and is able to enable all team members to use standard process model elements and notation. The badge holder builds an agile and flexible shared process model usable by business stakeholders, implemented by developers, and adjusted for process changes.

This badge is issued by IBM


What it takes to earn this badge

  • Badge earners have successfully achieved class objectives demonstrated by progress in lab exercises, attendance, participation in question & answer sessions, and/or assessments associated with: Creating a snapshot, decision service, business data model, business process activities, nested processes, & Coaches; Using Process Designer, gateways, intermediate timer events, managed files, toolkits, timer events, error handling, message events, external data, variables & data flow, & asset tagging.
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