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LearnQuest z-Systems Developer - Intermediate

This badge holder has demonstrated intermediate COBOL and mainframe developer knowledge and skills including DB2, ISPF and JCL. The recipient can write COBOL programs as follows: COBOL Control Breaks, Subroutines, VSAM, Embedded Select statement; DB2 Simple Select statement; JCL IDCAMS, Condition codes, concatenation, GDG; ISPF library options

This badge is issued by IBM


What it takes to earn this badge

  • Badge earners have successfully achieved class objectives demonstrated by student progress in lab exercises, attendance, participation in question and answer sessions and/or assessments associated with the following topics:  COBOL Control Break Logic; COBOL Using and writing subroutines; COBOL VSAM Processing; DB2 Simple Select statement; COBOL Simple Embedded Select statement & Cursor; JCL IDCAMS; JCL Condition codes, concatenation, GDG; ISPF library options
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