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Mobile Application Administrator - Explorer Award for Educators 2016

Through attendance in an instructor-led faculty workshop designed to show faculty how to educate students, this badge earner has demonstrated the ability to deploy, publish, and manage cross-platform mobile applications in Google Play, App Store, and Worklight market places, using IBM MobileFirst Foundation. This individual has demonstrated an understanding of topics such as SDK, ADT, Xcode, app security, push notifications monitoring, app usage analytics, direct updates and version control.

This badge is issued by IBM


What it takes to earn this badge

  • Must be a faculty member of a Higher Education Institution which has or is implementing the IBM Skills Academy Program.
  • Completion of Module I - Mobile Computing Overview: Covering Mobile Overview, Trends, Mobile Enterprise, Case Studies; and Understanding Mobile Computing.
  • Completion of  Module II - Mobile Application Foundations: Covering Roadmap to Mobile Web Development; Introduction to HTML5 and JavaScript programming; Developing Mobile Web applications with Dojo Mobile; Developing Mobile Web applications with jQuery; Installing and managing web servers; and Application server foundations.
  • Completion of Module III - Mobile Application Administrator: Publish and test a cross-platform mobile app using Eclipse; Covering Mobile browser simulator (AVD, iOS); Push notification management; Direct update; Deploy and publish mobile apps; CLI (hybrid apps, skins, adaptors, native APIs, environments, test server and server lifecycle); Operational analytics (dashboards and reports); Security (server side authentication); and Application center (apps rating, users and groups).
  • Participation in the faculty enablement session.
  • Passing the Mobile Application Administrator academic practice test.
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