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Mobile Application Developer - Explorer Award for Educators 2017

Through attendance in an instructor-led faculty workshop designed to show faculty how to educate students, this badge earner has demonstrated the ability to develop native or hybrid mobile applications by using IDE, tools, or front-end framework, using IBM MobileFirst. This includes the use of tools such as Android SDK, Xcode and Cordova SDK, to create and publish mobile applications in public marketplaces and private enterprises.

This badge is issued by IBM


What it takes to earn this badge

  • Must be a faculty member of a Higher Education Institution which has or is implementing the IBM Skills Academy Program.
  • Completion of Module I - Mobile Computing Overview: Covering mobile application trends; use of mobile in the enterprise; and examination of mobile computing case studies.
  • Completion of  Module II - Mobile Application Foundations: Covering HTML5 and JavaScript.
  • Completion of Module III - Mobile Application Developer: Application CLI; Client SDKs; Eclipse; Adapter tools; Cordova, Android, and iOS development; Android Studio; Android App Development; Xcode; MobileFirst SDK and Xcode/Visual Studio; RESTful access to adapters (Java & JavaScript); Resource request from JavaScript (Cordova) & Swift (iOS); Java & JavaScript Adapters; JSONStore architecture; Mobile/User authentication & security; Credentials validation; Push Notification.
  • Participation in the faculty enablement session.
  • Passing the Mobile Application Developer academic practice test "IBM Mobile Application Developer 2017".
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