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Open Source Software and Standards Specialist

This earner understands the FOSS (Free & open-source software) & can administer, develop, test, release & license an Open Source application. They have extensive skills in PHP, HTML5, CSS,  jQuery & Linux administration, & can develop and install Android applications, with expertise in multi-media, design, & modeling objects using various Open source 2D/3D tools. The earner understands the Business Models & IT applications across various domains & usage of Open Standards across industry domains.

This badge is issued by IBM


What it takes to earn this badge

  • Must be a University student of a 4-year undergraduate program enrolled in the IBM Innovation Centre for Education Program.
  • Minimum attendance determined by the University in all the semesters.
  • Minimum marks for both Theory and Practical exams in all semesters, as mandated by the University.
  • The minimum number of IBM specialization subjects completed should be 8.
  • Completion of projects in the relevant semesters including an external internship with grades, as mandated by the University.
  • All the above criteria to be verified by the University.
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