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Prototyping with Purpose

The badge holder understands the principles of prototyping for engaging with clients in a more effective way. They have demonstrated the capability to leverage IBM Design Thinking and have built and presented different digital and non digital prototypes based on a client scenario. The badge holder has also gained and applied skills in either Bluemix or an alternative tool/area relating to their Business Unit.

This badge is issued by IBM


What it takes to earn this badge

  • For all-Complete and pass Module 1-Principles of Prototyping and Required Mind set assessments, with 80%+ pass rate. Complete the final playback of your created prototypes to your manager for constructive feedback. Variations- You will either complete the course modules 1 to 5 as outlined in the course, passing each module with 80%+ or you will complete business unit defined training in replacement of modules 2-4.
  • Complete the final assessment 'Prototyping Playback' to a manager. Using the Stand and Deliver tool, meet preferably face to face with your manager to playback the 3 fidelities of your prototype. Your manager will role play the client for you to realistically present your prototypes. You will then receive constructive feedback from your manager and they will pass or fail your final assessment.
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