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SAP NextGen Innovation Technical Architecture

Able to conduct design workshop, collaborate with others to design of the end-to-end, robust, secure technical solution using all the different SAP application development tools, technology and platform – both on-premise and cloud. Can help the development team lead during detail and validate the same during the actual development and implementation. Can provide SME support during pre-sales, sales as well. All of these are performed when delivering IBM SAP Technical Development services.

This badge is issued by IBM


What it takes to earn this badge

  • Earner is an employee of IBM
  • Demonstrated understanding of the technical architecture of various SAP solutions, technology, platform, application development tools– both on-premise and cloud.
  • Demonstrated the application of knowledge by performing activities that include: 1) Provide guidance on the technical feasibility of a technical solution using SAP and non-SAP components 2) Provide the architecture of a solution using different SAP application development tools, technology and platform – both on-premise and cloud 3)  Create POV on the various SAP development tools, technology, products and map them to meet the client requirements including participating in client workshops. 
  • Describe how you successfully applied the knowledge and activities in a working context for minimal 4 years when performing technical solutioning, design workshop, architecture definition, high level design of solution that solves complex business problem.
  • Demonstrated performance at the IBM Expert skill level by providing two stakeholder feedback statements (or project assessments) for two different periods.  This IBM skill level is defined as:: Recognized as an authority in the subject area, independently handling unique situations in complex environments and assisting others. Mentors and helps develop less experienced peers in the subject area
  • Demonstrated core skills by: Dynamic communicator and presenter; foster environment of accountability; drive teaming culture; drive feedback culture; recognized team leader; recognized SME (if applicable); take initiative to grow the practice; exhibit dedication to others.
  • Understand the importance of the IBM Way and how it relates to SAP Technical Architecture related activities
  • Coached at least 10 people through the process of adopting established technical career path in IBM.
  • Is a member of the following communities:
  • Contributed to the evolution of SAP technical development practice by creating at least 5 assets e.g. Solutioning guidance, case studies, blogs, best practice, white papers, POV
  • You can apply by using the provided link which brings you to the application form that allows you to submit your evidence. Your submission will be validated by a subject matter expert (or team of experts). Please send an email to when you have questions about how to apply for this badge.
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