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Senior Delivery Project Executive

The badge holder may use the title of Senior Delivery Project Executive or Senior Delivery Partner Executive. They demonstrate an ability to influence their client's business challenges and priorities, and deliver high-quality services that exceed client expectations. They achieve high client satisfaction and partner with client executives on innovative solutions. They achieve or exceed profitable financial targets by growing the IBM presence on their account.

This badge is issued by IBM


What it takes to earn this badge

  • Established IBM as a trusted long-term business partner at Senior management C-Suite levels and via client feedback, demonstrated that IBM has the best interest of the client in mind.
  • Implemented and maintained multiple customer satisfaction programs to ensure services were on a continuous improvement plan.
  • Led the development or improvement of a high-quality and effective management system, globally as required, to drive team IBM’s support of the client.
  • Played a leadership role in crisis management situations and continuous improvement programs, and was a Service's integrator leader to IBM and/or the client team.
  • Effectively negotiated cost improvements against contracted services on an ongoing basis.
  • Successfully applied innovative solutions to client requirements.
  • This badge is only available to IBM Employees and aligns to the Thought Leader Capability level in the IBM Career Framework.
  • The Additional Information link below is accessible by IBM employees only.
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