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Summit Intern Program

Those who earn the IBM Summit Intern badge have successfully completed an eleven-week sales internship with a final evaluation rating of Outstanding, Above Average, or Acceptable. This badge is available to IBM employees only.

This badge is issued by IBM


What it takes to earn this badge

  • A detailed work plan developed by the host manager that describes the key activities and projects that the intern will complete as well as the client-facing meetings that the intern will participate in.
  • A five-minute Stand & Deliver video presentation showcasing their expertise in six key elements of a client presentation: client knowledge, solution benefits, IBM differentiation, client references, close & next steps, and presentation skills. Each presentation is scored by an experienced sales manager and critiqued by the intern's Summit manager and host manager.
  • A mid-term evaluation with inputs from the intern's host manager, Summit manager, and others familiar with the intern's work.
  • A bi-weekly checkpoint with the intern's Summit manager to receive coaching/mentoring and to review journal entries that they are expected to maintain.
  • A final presentation to the Summit leadership team and the intern's host team that summarizes the intern's experience and captures the skills that the intern has developed over the course of the summer.
  • An in-depth final performance evaluation that summarizes the intern's demonstration of IBM's nine practices in the execution of his/her work plan.
  • For questions about this badge, please contact Garland Hamic/Dallas/IBM
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