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TLE Challenge Leader

This badge earner has participated as a Challenge Leader for a Technical Leadership Exchange (TLE) Challenge. Working virtually within an Agile team environment, they have provided leadership and direction for the creation and advancement of IBM technical and business solutions to address and solve real world challenges faced by IBM clients. (This badge is only available for IBM employees.)

This badge is issued by IBM


What it takes to earn this badge

  • The earner has committed at the TLE Event to lead a team to identify a solution to a specific real world challenge faced by IBM clients. The Challenge Leader (1) Works with a sponsoring executive to define a challenge, (2)  Presents the challenge description and recruits participants during the event, (3) Promotes the final work product to the executive sponsor, client, and/or technical community and (4) Assists with the evaluation of the team's skills before and after the challenge.
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