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Trusted Advisor Distinguished

Badge earner successfully delivered leading-edge client experiences. Badge earner has demonstrated focus beyond Subject Matter Expert (SME) and recognized as essential to successful software adoption and continuous improvement.  The badge earner has proven expertise ranging from: significant positive impact on the business, adoption of IBM software, executive level negotiation, complex issue management cross-teams, client recognition as highly valued resource to effectively partner with IBM.

This badge is issued by IBM


What it takes to earn this badge

  • This badge is available to IBM employees only.
  • Problem Management Skills - Demonstrated diplomacy when dealing with critical situation and/or delivering unpopular messages to Clients.
  • Effective Communication Skills - Demonstrated executive level communication (IBM and client) handling complex, critical, or highly escalated situations.
  • Proactive Skills - Identified proactive opportunities, recommendations, and results of the proactive delivery.
  • Collect and Act on Client Feedback - Demonstrated executive level (IBM and client) communication regarding a concluded complex, critical, or highly escalated situation, delivered lessons learned, and implementation of action plan to close the loop, followed by client feedback on your efforts.
  • Be a Go-To Person - Provide two letters of endorsement from a client.
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